How to Donate!

To become a contributor, please send a check to:

Richmond Hill Players  

PO Box 181 

Geneseo, IL 61254

2014 Light & Sound Project

In Autumn 2013, Richmond Hill Players launched a new initiative to upgrade our outdated sound and stage lighting equipment, the bulk of which was over 44 years old. Over the Winter of 2013-14, a new hanging grid and new lights are were installed (many using LED technology), increasing artistic opportunities and reducing energy costs.

The centerpiece of the improvements was the significant upgrade of our sound system. Our new sound equipment includes multiple high-quality microphones over the stage and banks of speakers over each of the audience seating areas. This has greatly improved hearing and understanding of the actors while on stage and provides a full, balanced sound.

With the new closed-circuit video system, RHP can now offer "Audio Description" for blind or vision-impaired patrons.The project also included structural renovations in our backstage area at the south end of the building that has enlarged the lighting & sound booth to accommodate the new control equipment.

Cost for all work, including structural renovations and additions, was $350,000. We once again appealed to local foundations and our patrons and members for their support. Through those efforts we raised enough “seed” money to secure financing. Grants and donations to date total just under $215,000, so RHP is carrying a sizeable debt in the amount of approximately $145,000. Even though the new equipment has been installed, no project is complete until the debt is retired. We continue to ask for your support.

Donations may be made in lump sum or pledged over 3 years. We suggest the following levels of giving:

   Platinum - $10,000+
    Gold - $5000-$9999
    Silver - $2500-$4999
    Bronze - $1500-$2499
    Brass - $1000-$1499
    Nickel - $500-$999
    Copper - $300-$499
    Contributor - up to $299

Please include your printed name(s) as you wish them to appear in our program for a donation to either the annual support campaign or the building fund. Richmond Hill Players, Inc. is chartered with the State of Illinois as a not-for-profit 501c (3) organization and all donations are tax deductible. Always remember that your donation, in any amount, is greatly appreciated and helps to keep the organization running. By investing in the Richmond Hill Players future, you are as much a part of every performance as the people on stage. On behalf of the entire Richmond Hill organization, thank you for your consideration!

2012 Milkhouse Project

In 2012 and 2013, working in partnership with the City of Geneseo, we installed new, maintenance-free siding and doors on the "milkhouse," our small storage building located just west of the Barn. We also replaced much of the electrical wiring in that building. Another tremendous improvement was the replacement of our two heating & A/C fan units that service the main stage and audience areas on our second floor. The old units served us faithfully for decades, but these air-changers were more than 42 years old and had seen better days.

2002 Share in the Dream Project

RHP's "Share in the Dream" project, initiated in 2002, was a major renovation effort, totaling more than $370,000. Improvements included a new roof and siding on the Barn, installation of an elevator to assist patrons to the stage level, new restrooms located directly off the lobby, and various other measures related to heating, insulation, sound-proofing, electrical wiring, new storage and work spaces and a hookup to the city sewer system. Construction was completed in time for patrons to enjoy the improvements during our 2004 season. This major project could not have been undertaken without the support of the following benefactors and patrons.