Mailing List


Richmond Hill Players routinely sends out information via mail and/or email about current productions and events. If you would like to be on our mail list, send us an email or call 309-944-2244. Please indicate if you would prefer email or standard mail and provide your name, email address or home address and city, state and zip.

Benefit Performances


Each Richmond Hill Players production is available beyond our regular schedule for added benefit performances. This is an excellent way for your organization to raise money, enjoy a quality show and support your local community theater in the process. For information about scheduling a benefit, send us an email or call 309-944-2244.



Volunteers are the heart of Richmond Hill Players. Set construction, painting and decorating, prop handling, lighting and sound production, costumes, makeup, box office and concessions - these represent just some of the support that goes into each and every production. If you have an interest/ability in any of these areas, please contact us. It's a great way to meet new people and experience the excitement of live theater. Please send us an email or call 309-944-2244 and let us know which show you'd like to help out at. We can provide the director with your information.

Want to direct?


Our seasons are selected from play titles submitted by potential directors. Directors are asked to select no more than three shows that they are willing to direct, and a Play Reading Committee reads all submissions and selects a balanced season. Richmond Hill is always looking for directors with new ideas and scripts. If you are interested in directing, send us an email or call 309-944-2244 and we will send you an application. New applicants will be asked to provide their theater background.



Advertise your business, product, or service information in our programs. The average season distributes 4500 programs, and your ad will remain in the program for the entire season. Please provide a business card or clean logo with the information you want promoted. For more information, send us an email or call 309-944-2244.



Richmond Hill Players accepts some donations of period clothing, usable furniture, fabric or any other items that could be used in our productions. Since we are a not-for-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible. For information regarding donations, send us an email or call 309-944-2244.

Interested in Volunteering?