Vintage Hitchcock - A Live Radio Play



Run dates: July 9-12 & 16-19, 2020

Directed by Jonathan Grafft


Spies, murder, love, and other trademarks of Alfred Hitchcock come to life in the style of a 1940’s radio broadcast of the master of suspense's earlier films. With The Lodger, Sabotage and The 39 Steps, Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play is a triple feature, complete with vintage commercials, that recreates a daring train chase, a serial killer's ominous presence, and a devastating explosion through the magic of live sound effects and musical underscoring. 

Director’s note: Vintage Hitchcock presents 3 radio adaptations of Hitchcock movies. Depending on casting, each of the actors will have multiple parts in each of the 3 shows. The script does not call for a Foley artist, but the director hopes to cast one and make the show as “authentic” as possible.

Cast Requirements

Cast: At least 3 men, 2 women. Any age.

Ability to do an English accent is preferred; we will work on getting some variety into each character, but the details will ultimately depend on the final casting.