Missing Link -- July 11-14, 18-21, 2019



Comedy by Jack Sharkey

Directed by Joe DePauw

Run dates: May 30-June 2 & June 6-9, 2019

Questions? Contact director at info@rhplayers.com



Lindy Baxter misses Lincoln Sinclair; in fact she's been missing Link since World War II when he vanished in the Pacific. A fall puts her into the hands and the arms of orthopedist Simon Fletcher. They set a wedding date despite her parents misgivings and the fact that the best man and his sister, the maid of honor, are respectively in love with the bride and the groom. On the wedding's eve, Link shows up with an enormous diamond ring and a box of money as his gift for the bride who he thinks is marrying him. 



ROSE BAXTER - the very relieved mother of also-relieved Belinda Baxter

BELINDA "LINDY" BAXTER - an upper-middle-aged bride-to-be

ED BAXTER - Lindy's father, a semi-retired photographer

SIMON FLETCHER - Lindy's fiance and orthopedist

FIONA BRODERICK - Lindy's maid of honor

LINCOLN SINCLAIR - Lindy's long-lost childhood sweetheart

JAKE BRODERICK - Simon's best friend and best man

MISS BEASLEY - a middle-aged bank vice-president

JUDY MITCHELL - a reporter from a Toronto newspaper

AUGUSTA SINCLAIR - Lincoln's extremely wealthy mother

RANCE BICKFORD - a good-but-dishonest friend of Judy's

Since Lindy is upper middle-aged, Rose and Ed will need to be believably old enough to be her parents. 

Simon, Fiona, Lincoln, Jake, and Rance should be comparable in age to Lindy.

Judy should be of adult age, but no specific age.

Augusta should be believably old enough to be Lincoln's mother.