Harold & Maude



Run dates: August 20-23 & 27-30, 2020

Directed by Dana Moss-Peterson


Nineteen-year-old Harold is the proverbial poor little rich kid – alienation has caused him to attempt suicide several times, though these incidents are more cries for attention than actual attempts. He forms a peculiar attachment to the delightfully wacky 79-year-old Maude, whom he meets at a funeral (their mutual passion). The bond that develops between them saves Harold and captivates the audience, as a death-obsessed young man learns how to live from free-spirited senior who loves life. 

Director’s note: This is a comedy. All characters are quirky and a little rigid to play against Maude’s sense of freedom and adventure and Harold’s quiet yet unique awkwardness.

Cast Requirements

Cast: 7 males, 6 females.

HAROLD – Male, 18-24. Needs to play an instrument and sing a full song at the end of the show.

MAUDE – Female, 55-85. Needs to play a bit of piano and sing part of a song.

MRS. CHASEN – Female, 40-55.

DR. MATTHEWS – Male, 40+.

PRIEST – Male, 40 +.

SYLVIE GAZEL – Female, 18-24.

NANCY MERSCH – Female, 18-24.

SUNSHINE DORE – Female, 18-24.

MAID – Female, age 25-55. 

GARDENER - Male, age 25-85. 

CHIEF GARDERNER - Male, age 25-85. 

INSPECTOR BERNARD - Male, age 25-85. 

SERGEANT DOPPEL - Male, age 25-85.