One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest -- Oct. 3-6 & 10-13, 2019



Dramatic comedy by Dale Wasserman

From the novel by Ken Kesey

Directed by Dana Skiles

Run dates: Oct. 3-6 & 10-13, 2019

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Rebellious rogue Randle P. McMurphy contrives reassignment from a prison farm to an airy mental institution to serve out a short penal sentence. This, he learns, may have been an error when he meets his match in the passive-aggressive disciplinarian despot Nurse Ratched, who oversees the psychiatric ward with a tight rein and hard line. While McMurphy tries to liberate the hospital inmates with basketball games, TV, partying, and even women, the uncompromising Ratched squeezes her iron fist, and their battle of wills influences the ward’s patients to start thinking for themselves. 


  • Director - Dana Skiles
  • Stage Manager - Jonathan Grafft
  • Light  Designer - Jennifer Kingry
  • Set Design and Builder - Mike Skiles


  • Randall McMurphy - Victor Angelo
  • Nurse Ratched  -- Lisa Ingram
  • Chief Bromden -- Matthew McConville
  • Aide Warren -- Eric Friedman
  • Aide Williams -- Archie Williams
  • Nurse Flinn -- Olivia Egert
  • Dale Harding -- David Beeson
  • Billy Bibbitt -- Joshua Malone
  • Scanlon -- Jim Skiles
  • Cheswick -- Bruce Carmen
  • Martini -- Jordan Smith
  • Ruckly -- Steve Mroz
  • Dr. Spivey -- Gary Talsky
  • Aide Turkle -- Greg Kerr
  • Candy Starr -- Victoria House
  • Sandra -- Jessica Moore