A Doublewide, Texas Christmas -- Nov 7-10, 14-17, 2019




Comedy by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope & Jamie Wooten

Directed by John VanDeWoestyne

Run Dates Nov. 7-10 & 14-17, 2019

Questions? Contact director at info@rhplayers.com



 In this sequel to Doublewide, Texas it’s Christmas-time in the newest—and tiniest—town in Texas.  And it’s beginning to look a lot like trouble in Doublewide. Not only are the trailer park residents dealing with the stress of the holiday season, but they’ve just discovered that Doublewide is being doubled-crossed by the County. With their official incorporation papers in jeopardy, this band of eccentric Texans throws themselves into taking on the “Big Guys.” Determined to bolster their legitimacy, they first set their sights on the County-wide “Battle of the Mangers” competition. They conspire to win this smackdown with their “Nativity at The Alamo” entry…by any means possible. 


3 males, 6 females

This is a very broad comedy with over-the-top characters.

BIG ETHEL SATTERWHITE, 60’s female - No nonsense, ball-busting geriatric nurse at the Stairway to Heaven Retirement Village. Fed up with her mule-headed husband.

GEORGIA DEAN RUDD, 40’s female – Runs the local diner. Gregarious. Ball of fire. 

LARK BARKEN, late teens to 20’s female – New mama to Arden Rose. Employed by Georgia Dean.

NORWAYNE “BABY” CRUMPLER, 40’s male, Enthusiastic ‘good-ole-boy.’ Not necessarily the

sharpest tool in the shed.

HAYWOOD SLOGGETT, 60’s–70’s male – Elderly, cranky neighbor. Lark’s grandpa.

PATSY PRICE, 50’s – 60’s female – Sloggett’s sister, a once-wealthy matron in Fayro who has lost 

her fortune and is relocating home. Snarly, sarcastic.

JOVEETA CRUMPLER, 40’s female – Mayor of Doublewide, Texas. Vivacious daughter of Caprice, sister of “Baby.”

CAPRICE CRUMPLER, 60’s-70’s female – Joveeta & Baby’s mama. Real partier. Acts half her age.

NASH SLOGGETT, 40’s male – Haywood’s son, Lark’s daddy. Gone from Doublewide for decades.

The ages listed for most of these characters are approximations and not set in stone, except as follows… 

Lark Barken must be significantly younger than the others. Must be late teens or mid to late 20’s. 

Haywood Sloggett’s age must be as shown, and Caprice must at least be old enough to be Joveeta and “Baby’s” mother. Casting will be based on talent and age compatibility to other characters. People auditioning will read from the script.  Please do NOT bring a Southern accent to auditions.  The only accent we will use, if any, will be rural or country.

The actor playing Nash will likely voice a second “unseen” character.