On Golden Pond -- APril 4-7, 11-18


Run Dates

April 4-7, 11-18


This is the love story of Ethel and Norman Thayer, who are returning to their summer home on Golden Pond for the forty-eighth year. He is a retired professor, nearing eighty, with heart palpitations and a failing memory – but sill as tart-tonged, observant and eager for life as ever. Ethel, ten years younger and the perfect foil for Norman, delights in all the small things that have encircled and continue to enrich long life together. They are visited by their divorced, middle-aged daughter and her dentist fiancé, who then go off to Europe, leaving his teenage son behind for the summer. The boy quickly becomes the “grandchild” the elderly couple have longed for, and as Norman revels in taking his ward fishing and thrusting good books at him, he also learns some lessons about modern teenage awareness – and slang – in return. In the end, as the summer wanes, so does their brief idyll, and in the final, deeply moving moments of the play, Norman and Ethel are brought even closer together by the incidence of a mild heart attack. Time, they know, is now against them, but the years have been good and, perhaps, another summer on Golden Pond awaits.


  • DIRECTOR - Harold Truitt
  • STAGE MANAGER - Mike Skiles


  • NORMAN THAYER, JR. - John VanDeWoestyne
  • ETHEL THAYER - Jackie Patterson
  • CHARLIE MARTIN - Steve Trainor
  • CHELSEA THAYER WAYNE - Ann Keeney-Grafft
  • BILLY RAY, JR. - Joe Mroz
  • BILL RAY - Gary Talsky




Comedy by Noel Coward

Directed by Tom Morrow

Run dates: May 30-June 2 & June 6-9, 2019


A smash comedy hit on London and Broadway stages, this much-revived Noel Coward classic offers up fussy novelist Charles Condomine, re-married but haunted – literally – by the ghost of his late first wife. The clever and insistent Elvira has been called up by a flamboyant and eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, during a seance. In this clash of big personalities (both worldly and un-), Charles must navigate his way between two wives, creating many comical situations to a quite unexpected resolution. 


  • Director - Tom Morrow
  • Stage Manager -- Stacy Herrick
  • Light and Sound Designer -- Jennifer Kingry
  • Crew -- Eugenia Giebel
  • Set Builder -- Justin Raver
  • Hair and Make-up -- Luke Vermiere
  • Costumes -- Suzanne Rakestraw


  • Charles -- Jim Driscoll
  • Elvira -- Ann Keeney-Grafft
  • Ruth -- Diane Greenwood
  • Dr. Bradman -- Gary Talsky
  • Mrs. Bradman -- Heidi Pedersen
  • Madam Arcati -- Lona Friedman
  • Edith -- Elizabeth Shaffer

Missing Link -- July 11-14, 18-21

Lindy Baxter misses Lincoln Sinclair; in fact, she's been missing Link since World War II when he vanished in the Pacific.  A fall puts her into the hands and the arms of orthopedist Simon Fletcher.  They set a wedding date despite her parents’ misgivings and the fact that the best man and his sister, the maid of honor, are respectively in love with the bride and the groom. On the wedding's eve, Link shows up with an enormous diamond ring and a box of money as his gift for the bride who he thinks is marrying him.  


  • Director - Joe DePauw
  • Stage Manager - Eugenia Giebel
  • Light & Sound Designer/Operator - Jennifer Kingry
  • Costumer - Suzanne Rakestraw
  • Set Design - Mollie Schmelzer
  • Set Builder - TBA


  • Rose Baxter - Jackie Skiles
  • Belinda "Lindy" Baxter - Amanda Wilson
  • Fiona Broderick - Dana Skiles
  • Miss Beasley - Michaela Giebel-Moore
  • Judy Mitchell - Jessica Moore
  • Augusta Sinclair - Barb Nurmi
  • Ed Baxter - Archie Williams
  • Simon Fletcher - Don Faust
  • Lincoln Sinclair - Jim Strauss
  • Jake Broderick - Matthew McConville
  • Rance Bickford - Kevin Keck